Champawat is an important religious destination, it is said Vishnu, the Hindu God appeared here in the incarnation of a tortoise (Kurma Avatar). Also that Pandavas from Mahabharata spend some time of their 12-year exile in the town as well. The Chafed Rulers who made Champawat their capital also constructed many temples here, which can be seen still in the town. The Baleshwar Temple, Nagnath Temple, and Kanteshwar Temple are some of the major tourist places in Champawat town. Apart from the temples, the town of Champawat flaunts greatly its natural beauty. It is believed that 65 percent of the entire district is covered in rich flora. Teak, Sagoon, Jamun, Babul are some of the trees that cover the forest areas in the district.


Champawat is a place to visit round the year. But the most favourable time is between March and June. When the temperature is not so high not so low
and rain will not stop you from relishing any activity that town has in store for you.

The temperature in Champawat in the summer season remains between 15 ‘C and 30 ‘C. This time ofthe year in Champawat is favourable for trekking and sightseeing tour.

The monsoon season starts from July and ends in the month of September in Champawat. During this time, the place receives heavy rainfall that can sometimes lead to
landslides and roadblocks. Therefore, it is advised to check the weather forecast before planning a trip during this season.

Winters are chilly in Champawat with intermittent snowfall between December and February. The mercury also dips low from 4 ‘C to sub zero.

Source from: Explore Champawat